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Welcome to my blog which highlights the variety of projects, travel, and more interesting aspects of the life of an itinerant photographer working in the world of fine art and connoisseurship at the start of the 21st century.

At Home in the President’s Neighborhood – A Photographic Tour

The White House Historical Association published a book of my photographs of the neighborhood of the White House earlier this year (2016). The book has 200 photographs of historic buildings, parks, and the neighborhood itself,¬†with a wonderful ¬†introductory text about each zone written by the inimitable William Seale. It serves as an overview of the White House & its neighborhood, a first in modern times. Later this year, monographs on specific historic houses (Tudor Place, Blair House) will be published by the WHHA, also illustrated with my photographs. The WHHA are producing this series of beautiful books to the highest standards of design and printing; this is true a golden age of publishing on the history of Washington D.C. and the Nation. President’s Neighborhood is out now and available widely.